Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The longest day...

Woke up, coughing and lurching, allergic to something or other. Brad is flying in about 70 minutes... should be interesting, as I have never met him IRL. Not particularly sure what we are doing all day though. To further complicate things, the people from the Webbys screwed up and our tickets haven't arrived yet. Will have to pick them up in S.F. if they don't arrive today.

The people doing the Webbys seem to be overwhelmed. Whatever glamour or glitz there is to this whole thing is probably about as real as a cheap movie set held together with bodily fluids and chewing gum. They do have witty, charming Alan Cumming though... and Sam Donaldson, who Brad and I may have to be interviewed by... and those perennially perky, bubbly female commentators they use for these things with the British accents. And we're the party crashers... Urk. I don't know whether to feel scared, amused, honored, or insulted.

Reading through my email. Happy birthday to Pooka... so, what do you want for your birfday, kiddo?!

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