Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

He who controls the desktop controls the world...

Reading over the Microsoft decision released today. Looks like they won't split up the company, but they will have to take action against Microsoft to remedy a whole swarm of monopolistic, anti-competitive behavior.

What I found especially troubling was all the actions by Microsoft to absolutely crush Java. The decision documents Microsoft's intentional lies to the press and to the developer community, numerous attempts to kill the primary means of distribution for Java on Windows machines (i.e. Netscape), threats of retaliation against Intel that stopped chips from being developed that would have made Java run far more efficiently on Windows PCs, and a slew of other offenses...

In other words, they hate the web, because it fundamentally isn't under their control. People can run applications on it... whether they be Java applications or things like LiveJournal. It gives us all choice, essentially. That's why they made it their absolute priority to develop a browser to crush Netscape, that's why they are trying to undermine the open source movement, and that's why they are hyping their .NET vision of the future... a vision where they control your operating system, your browser, your web-based applications... the whole shebang.

Um. I don't think so...

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