Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

little cables break...

I had an odd dream...

I was at an amusement park, on one of those overhead people mover kinds of things... sort of like a skilift... and suddenly, the cable broke. Fiiiine. So I am stuck there, not moving anywhere, but it's on some kind of rail system, so I don't plummet to the earth. I think I figured out a way to fix the problem and I proceeded along after a little while though... no thanks to that damn amusement park.

... and then later on in the day, I'm on the same ride, and the cable breaks again! Fortunately for me, I was near the end of the ride, so I just hop off the ride to the ground. I said "Twice in one day?! I'm going to talk to the press about this one!" A bunch of park staff hustle me into a room...

"You were on the rides that broke?" said a woman, obviously a manager " We'd like you to sign something saying you aren't going to tell anyone about it, and we're willing to pay you to settle this issue."

Somehow, the figure of $17,000 came up, but there was this big, arrogant man who said "I'll handle the negotiation." and tried basically being intimidating and talking me down. I said "I'm not willing to negotiate with you. I will negotiate with her, however."

So basically the woman offered me $17,000... she expected me to negotiate up the price, and seemed professional yet tense about it. She seemed relieved when I said "This seems fine, but I keep a personal diary that I store online. I would like to be able to at least maintain my diary and have it be accurate." So out of this whole horking long list of things I couldn't do, she crossed out the whole section that dealt with anything online, initialed it, and I signed it gladly.

Normally, the only dreams I seem to remember are the ones where I plummet a thousand feet. I guess I must feel kind empowered or something lately, because now even the potentially worst case dreams have me walking away with free money...

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