Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Things that are nifty...

Got an email from jwz saying that he is adding me to the list for the club's opening night. He also seemed very interested in the idea of having a LiveJournal event at the DNA sometime in the future, which would be quite cool indeed!

Awhile back, someone mentioned that we should have a big, BIG LiveJournal meeting somewhere... something on a big scale that people could plan for, fly out for, and basically use to meet a ton of fellow LJers. It would help to be able to get, say, a big cyberish nightclub with a ton of Internet kiosks all over the place to host such an event, don't you think?! Sounds like a good idea... sometime after Burning Man.

Still have to pull off some kind of LJ camp there. Looks like we'll have about 20 campers. Probably won't do anything too fancy, though... we'll have a journal project, where people will be encouraged to make interesting entries into real physical journals, which will then be scanned in and viewable later in a special online journal. Might also bring out a portable DJ system, if I feel so inclined.

Eek! Two months left! Eek! Work in three hours! Eeek, eeek, eeek!

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