Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The man who would shut down nakedparts?!

If you *gasp!* feel aroused by looking at the human form, you might want to read this...
In explicit terms, the attorney general told Congress this week that hardcore sex sites would no longer be selling peeks at balloon-breasted babes.

"I am concerned about obscenity and I'm concerned about obscenity as it relates to our children," Ashcroft said. He will use Justice Department prosecutors to help state officials imprison sex-site operators that feature obscene images: "We try to be especially accommodating to local law enforcement to assist them, and I would think that would be an objective of ours in this respect."

A number of Republicans asked Ashcroft to pledge to prosecute raunch and ribaldry, but Rep. Bob Goodlatte of Virginia -- who also, unbelievably, is co-chair of the Internet Caucus -- was the most persistent. "The failure of the (Clinton) administration to enforce those laws has led to a proliferation of obscenity, both online and off, and I am particularly concerned about the safety of our children on the Internet, where they're subjected to child pornography and solicitation in a massive way."

I suspected that Republicans would be more aggressive about sex sites, but this sounds worse than I suspected. Maybe the only thing for us to do is for all of us to become pornographers... they can't bust everyone, can they?!

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