Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

what's the connection?!

I remember having a thread awhile back with womanonfire and phalen discussing Jarboe, The Swans, and all that. Phalen knows Jarboe. I'm envious. I saw the Swans play live. He's envious. Lather, rinse, repeat.

... and then I remember reading an interview somewhere by Nick Zedd that he used to be roommates with M. Gira. I thought that was quite a coincidence, but it didn't entirely surprise me.

Tonight I read Douglas Rushkoff's website and followed a link through to Genesis P-Orridge's site. I know that Genesis moved somewhere into the wilds of Northern California at one point, essentially a political refugee of England. He presumably still lives around here, but I really haven't been following what he has been up to lately, and I haven't seen him do anything for a few years. It was good to hear he's still quite busy, and able to return to Britain. His site was very visually loud at times... it was fitting, though.

...only to find a post there by M. Gira, mentioning the launch of the Young God Records website. A very good website actually, and, unlike Genesis' site, far less likely to give you seizures.

Obviously, this is all some kind of message telling me to buy more Swans CDs... well, probably not, but it's a good excuse.

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