Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Microsoft Pigfuckers!!! Grrr...

Yes, I know, they are a convenient group to rant about, but see this...

A friendly new "feature" of Windows XP, soon to be forcibly distributed with all those Wintel boxen out there. Internet Explorer Smart Tags! No more will you, as a journal creator/website designer have to worry about creative control over where links will point to on your website. Nope... Microsoft will be glad to do the whole job for you, using the browser to automatically add squiggly purple links to friendly, Microsoft-approved products and services!

No more will you be a victim to what Microsoft describes as "under-linked" sites. Your poetry will now link directly to Expedia, so that people can buy their way to that Tahitian sunrise you described... No longer will interactive, artistic websites have to be so damn "controlled" with only one obtuse, hidden little link out of the page; now there can be dozens of obvious links on the page, allowing people to leave your little project and do something productive, like subscribe to MSN!

No... I think I'm right here. These people truly are pigfuckers, and the fact that we, as consumers, allow them to do this kind of crap is unbelievable. If there was any justice in this world, we would all spontaneously rise up and have Microsoft bonfires!

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