Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Another concert to see...!

Yes, I generally have a dark taste in music, but I am in smart acoustic pop bliss, since I get to see The Lucksmiths play in one of my favorite small clubs! If this band were English rather than Australian, everyone would be comparing Belle & Sebastian to them. They are, infact, reminiscent of Belle & Sebastian, along with bands such as the Housemartins. Their new album, "Why That Doesn�t Surprise Me" just got a 4 star review from Rolling Stone.

'The Lucksmiths may well be Australia�s best kept secret-- an
enviable cult following (especially overseas) has developed for
their off-kilter acoustic pop. Recorded over an Oz summer, "Why
That Doesn�t Surprise Me" conjures up images of days spent
thinking about life�s simple things. Their smart and imaginative
storytelling wires straight into a very Australian, very different
take on the world. Their wonderful pop sensibility gathers its
wings via the background harmonies, electric piano, horns and
melodica, making for the Lucksmiths� best album yet.'

See them in a tiny little place before they become amusingly famous. Now on a national tour of America, playing Saturday, Jun 9 at Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco...

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