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I'm sorry, LJ...

I have been trying to get healthy all weekend, and have been rather energy-bereft... so I cannot report anything exciting. I didn't fight with my mother over my choice of careers, my best friend/lover didn't screw me over, I wasn't touched somewhere non-consentually, and everything, in fact, is ok.

It's kind of eerie, actually... I have gone through so much rapid change in the past few months... not all of it peaceful. It was a real roller coaster ride in parts... but now, my life is calm, my relationship is going well, work is fine, I have enough money coming in that I can afford to spoil both Kirsten and I, and still save away a few thousand a month...

In short, things are getting too tranquil. If I didn't have a such a nasty cold, I swear I would raise some hell just to liven things up a bit! This is a cry for help, LJ... bring me your drama, your conflict, your trials, tribulations, and passion... and save me from domestic bliss! ;->

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