Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

You know you're living in San Francisco when... get startled at 12:30 am by a band dressed like ninjas playing heavy metal with mobile amps and a drum kit, right in front of your place.

(No, this wasn't some strange delusion. I know it's real because I tracked down the contact info for Boz Scaggs, the nearby club co-owner, and sent him a "please, help" email.) 

If they want to have Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe come over when they're in town and sing us bedtime songs, that's one thing... but secret ninja amplified heavy metal is just not right!
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until I remember what the cost of living is now, at home...

Still, heavy metal playing ninjas doing drive by concerts? Sigh....
God I miss home! We don't get anything interesting much (unless it's a impromptu immigration rally.. but even those aren't surprising anymore) in Downtown LA. =(
That really messed with my sleep and my dreams. I hit my head pretty hard when I was startled awake by the loud booming drum kit.
Heavy metal ninjas! :D
Photos Please??
Sadly, I was too busy stopping them from playing further to take photos... I pretty much peeked out the window at them, and then ran out to the front of the apartment, basically stopping the drummer from doing his thing.

Shortest ninja concert ever.