Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Swine flu most lethal for targeting healthy, working-age individuals?!

I was reading a Mexican newspaper on the Swine Flu outbreak, and noticed something disconcerting:

"la “incidencia de los casos graves” involucra a personas en edad productiva, de entre 20 y 50 años de edad."

In other words, seemingly healthy, productive people without weakened immune systems who aren't the typical fatality victims of the flu appear to be among the WORST cases so far.

Could this be a flu which triggers a cytokine storm, using our own immune systems to kill us?!

(Crap.  The Spanish Influenza was similar in that regard, btw.)

This also means that children, who tend to catch and spread flus pretty easily, will quite possibly be a major vector of passing the flu on to their parents. Not good.


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