Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The endless purgatory...

Things have been cranking up at my work; lots of new products being developed. Well, really, just the same old product, but it's being customized umpteen different ways for marketing purposes... I am very busy writing docs, doing product specs, and poring over endless CLI commands. Imagine about 100 pages of commands used to configure the telco box from hell... and if any of those commands aren't correctly listed in the docs, they don't get entered and things don't work. It takes insane attention to detail, and the ability to read the same document so many times that your eyeballs bleed. That's why I get "the big bucks"...

I have been making incremental progress on a few LJ tasks, but still have a long list of things I would like to get done. Just plodding through my email has been arduous lately, taking up more time than I would like to contemplate. Well-placed words are rarely simple...

I have a nice template for LJ letterhead, and I did some kickass reference letters for Roshi and Opi recently. Ideally they can get jobs and be just as well-paid and overwhelmed as I am.

Somewhere along the way, I hope to finish spearheading things on a LJ site redesign, get the people who are supposed to make our shirts/e-commerce site to actually do so (cattleprods, anyone?!) and get the LiveJournal store up, get the press site up, organize things for a LiveJournal camp at Burning Man, set up a local event for the sfbayarea LJ community, visit my mom in Portland for several days, and, ideally, keep Iceblink happy. It's small consolation to hop on LJ and see other people having the time to get to meet and interact with each other, since I rarely have the chance to do that.

I've gotta get LJ profitable. Maybe if I can do that, LJ will be able to afford something approximating a salary for me, and I will not only be able to get projects done, but get something approximating a life. All I know is that this idea of doing two jobs just isn't cutting it.

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