Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Obama wins the day in London.

I generally do not like Jake Tapper, as I think he tends to be a gossipy, grandstanding journalist, and a poor choice for being the public face of the network in Washington, DC.

That said, this article comes via various sources at ABC News, and it excellently sums up the best possible reason to have elected Barack Obama.

Here is a clear example of President Obama doing something that Bush couldn't do, and McCain doesn't do anymore... spontaneously diffusing a confrontation that could endanger his goals by appealing to people's self-interest, laying out alternatives, and getting two generally beligerent and disagreeable world leaders to rapidly work out their differences and enthusiastically move forward in a unified way.

While there are obvious unavoidable structural problems with the world's economy, how people respond to the crisis does, in fact, matter greatly.

My retirement savings thanks you. Keep it up, Barack!


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