Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Kissing off to the man...

Sometimes, the comments to a post are a lot more interesting than the post itself...

I have really enjoyed the commentary on Kissing up to the man... for instance... why? Because it has given me a chance to rant about one of my pet peeves, the music industry. When it comes to the music industry, there seems to be practically no end to my vehemence... I can rip into them again and again and it still feels just as good as the first time. Perhaps I have a few issues to work through from my radio days... or maybe I just might have a point.

Perhaps the same thing that we do with radio should be done with art... rather than choosing your own computer wallpaper, wouldn't it be better to have a different piece of art pop up on your screen every 5 minutes? We could display the same "Top 40" paintings over and over, interspersing them with advertising and inane commentary from wannabe artistes. Rest assured, every store you went to would be guaranteed to sell all your favorite paintings in the Top 40...

Just don't try to select your own wallpaper, even if it is from a lesser known artist whose paintings never make the Top 40... you might be committing a crime and would probably be sued to death... after all, we have to protect the artists, don't we?!! ;->

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