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I have seen paradise, and its name is Pook.

Looks like Jocelyn Pook has an album out, "Untold Things", released on Peter Gabriel's Real World label. I have been a big fan of her music since Kubrick used it for "Eyes Wide Shut"... I saw strong potential in her, but did I expect her to release an album this good?! Never. Take a listen to "Upon This Rock" for a taste of what to expect...

Lush, exotic, beautiful music with strong Arabic, Celtic, and classical influences, it reminds me of what would have happened if Ivo Watts-Russell had produced an album with Maire Brennan and Lisa Gerrard at the height of their careers. It is, in fact, one of the best albums of its genre since This Mortal Coil's early albums.

I must be one of the first people to buy this album, since I had to enter in the album and song titles when WinAmp didn't detect them. I suggest you get it too... music this beautiful shouldn't remain hidden.

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