Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The State of Israel: Israel's most deadly enemy.

Watching Al Jazeera English on LiveStation, because Comcast is apparently disinterested in the fact that Al Jazeera English is one of the world's best, most truely journalistic news services.

It's about 4:45 am in the morning in Gaza City right now. AJ is reporting attacks on all sides of Gaza City at this moment, in addition to a thrust towards the center of the city... where are civilians in one of the most densely populated places in the world supposed to flee in order to avoid these attacks?

I'm watching burning white phosphorus rounds rain down in wide flaming curtains that spread across several city blocks, and notice what appeared to be additional fires sprout from the buildings, as well as signs of high explosive rounds in the same area, an indicator of dangerously indiscriminate "shake-and-bake" attacks, designed to kill all those who are driven out of cover by the white phosphorus strikes.

Nothing can be heard on live feed except this wild bombardment, and the sound of a rooster, crying out at the false dawn of war... and then, building slowly and spreading from multiple sources across Gaza, the beautiful, haunting sounds of morning prayers, a call to faith during this horrible shelling.  This powerful video will be aired across all Islam today, resulting in even greater outrage against Israel.

A professor is on the phone from Jabalia, north of Gaza City. He is in a room in the center of his house, hiding with his children. Israel used what appears to be white phosphorus, and he reported that several nearby houses are on fire.  He heard something fall on top of his house, but isn't about to go out and check on it. Clearly, Israel has used other explosive ordinances as well... the pressure of these explosions have now blown out the house's windows, and he and his family are inside, coughing occasionally due to all the smoke. 

The professor talks emotionally, very sadly, about how his own young daughter is playing dead -- playing martyr -- wanting to be a martyr for what Israel is doing, and about his young son, who wants to grow up to kill Israelis. He fears for what this conflict is doing to them, what it's doing to make peace impossible, and about the tragic future that it is making.

Goodmorning Gaza.

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