Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The challenge challenge.

The Minnesota State Canvassing Board is reviewing the challenged ballots today, and are going through all the challenged ballots individually, in a very traditional manner. I'm watching the process, which is kind of amusing, in a tediously facinating way.

My favorite bit so far was a motion to reconsider one of the earliest reviewed ballots, and add it to the pile with the napkin on top of it, to be reviewed later.

And there are lots of moments like this one...

"My motion is to reject the challenge and affirm the decision of the election official... all in favor, signify by saying 'Aye'....

'Aye!" No... um...

All opposed?


Gotta stay focused! Just a few thousand more to go!


I would move that this ballot be designated for candidate Franken. All in favor signify by saying 'Aye'...


There you go then..."

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