Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The end of the line...

FoxNews just called Ohio for President Elect Barack Obama.

Fortunately, I had just switched over to FoxNews for bit because I wanted to see their reaction to the night's meltdown... and I caught them as they announced the death knell of the modern Republican movement.

Brit Hume was seriously dour and dark when he called Ohio for Obama, with circles around his eyes and his jowls hanging down like a bassett hound who just got called out for pissing on the couch.

Turdblossom was by his side talking statistics, unemotionally dissecting the rotting corpse of Republicanism that he helped leave on the slab, with the kind of "I'm not the least bit responsible for this... I was just following orders!" professional detatchment that all good war criminals display. For him, it's all about the new business, and how he can make money off of conning people... again.

(Just try slapping the cuffs away next time, Turdblossom...)

It's not as sweet as the tears of Hannity, but I'll take it.

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