Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

For Studs.

From an interview just five days ago at HuffPo:

I asked Studs, if he were to interview Obama, what would he ask him?
"I'd ask Obama, do you plan to follow up on the program of the New Deal of FDR?
I'd tell him, 'don't fool around on a few issues, such as health care. We've got bigger work to do! Read FDR's second inaugural address!'

The free market has to be regulated. And the New Deal did that and they provided jobs. The government has to. The WPA provided jobs. We have got to get back to that. We need more reg-u-la-tion. . .

Community organizers like Obama know what's going on. If they remember. The important thing is memory. You know in this country, we all have Alzheimer's. Obama has got to remember his days as an organizer. It all comes back to the neighborhood. Well I hope the election is a landslide for Obama. . . . He's got to remember where he comes from! Obama, he has got to be pushed!"

And from an interview last year :

AMY GOODMAN: What do you want them to think of when someone says “Studs Terkel”?

STUDS TERKEL: I want them to think of somebody who remembers them, to be remembered, whether it be me or anyone else. They want Studs Terkel, maybe as somebody—I’m romanticizing myself now—somebody who gave me hope. One of my books is Hope Dies Last. Without hope, forget it. It’s hope and thought . . . That’s what it’s about. That’s what I hope I’m about.

AMY GOODMAN: Last words to young people today?

STUDS TERKEL: Last words? Oh, I always say my epitaph. I know that. Can I try, Amy? My epitaph is, curiosity did not kill this cat.

Here's to you, Studs...

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