Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The next Republican scare video...?!

From 1993, it's George Clinton "Paint the White House Black", featuring Ice Cube, Dr.Dre, Yo-Yo, MC Breed & Kam and appearances by Public Enemy, Shock G & Shabba Ranks.

The "sex in the White House" references are perhaps a different type of funny than originally intended, under the circumstances... 

And in a similar theme, here are some excerpts from a recent interview with George Clinton.

Chocolate City! All that shit is coming through now! Yea, hell yeah!”

George Clinton “I wouldn’t care if he was black or white or whatever if he’s talking like he’s talking, but I really thought it would be a black dude, because it takes a guy with some style to sell those good things. Kennedy had to sell that shit, and he sold it good.”

And it’s about time for a change, said Clinton, remembering his days of pumping democracy into the USSR via Radio Free Europe.

“Now we need somebody to do it to us, to give us some choices and alternative thinking.”

He hopes Obama offers that choice, although he admits there are many mountains to climb — candidates better “be squeaky clean,” Clinton said, because otherwise “they’ll go after your preacher.” But Clinton remains confident, explaining that Obama is the right kind of pimp we need." 

(I want that quote on a T-shirt... or maybe an animated userpic!)

Facts are facts. The Republican Party is afraid of the funk!


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