Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Republican battleground states = solid Obama victories.

New polls out today:

Virginia (SurveyUSA):  Obama 53%, McCain 43%  (+10)
Virginia (Suffolk):  Obama 51%, McCain 39% (+12)
Florida (FoxNews/Rasmussen): Obama 52%, McCain 45% (+7)
North Carolina (PPP): Obama 50%, McCain 44% (+6)
Colorado (FoxNews/Rasmussen): Obama 51%, McCain 45% (+6)
Missouri (FoxNews/Rasmussen): Obama 50%, McCain 47% (+3)

And a poll yesterday from the Buckeye State...
49% Obama
42% McCain

This new Ohio poll has a whopping 2262 likely voters, with only a 2% margin of error. It's findings are backed up by the recent Quinnipiac poll which gave Obama an 8-point lead in the state.

John McCain had better hope that he wins decisively tomorrow, because otherwise, the real battleground states could start to move towards additional states he thought were "safe" Republican territory.

RealClearPolitics currently gives Obama an average of a 6.2 point lead nationally... which is about 2.3 points off of Bill Clinton's 1996 victory over Bob Dole, where he won 379 electoral votes. If Barack Obama can win in all the states he is currently polling ahead in, and pick up Indiana, which hasn't been polled in awhile now, then he would be at 375 electoral votes... so, if the election shifts even further in Obama's favor... well, we could be looking at a blowout.

The question is, would another 2 to 4 points for Obama  bring other states into play, such as Arkansas, Montana, Georgia, Arizona, and Texas... or is it too late to aggressively pursue such states? 

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