Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The Vice Presidential Debate...

As I've said before, what matters most in such things is what the voters think...

...and according to a poll of 473 uncommited voters by CBS / Knowledge Networks, which said that 46%  thought Biden won the debate, compared to 21% for Palin. Of those undecided voters, 18% now favor Obama, 10% McCain, with 71% still uncommitted.

This is further supported by CNN's poll of 500 undecided voters, who said that 51% thought Biden did the best job in the debate, compared to 36% who favored Palin.

Both candidates considerably exceeded expectations, but even after tonight's debate performance, CNN reports that 53% of independent voters *STILL* believe Sarah Palin is not qualified to be President -- a change of only 4%. Given that there are more Democrats than Republicans in this country, the chances are good that this figure is even higher on a national level.  

As a matter of comparison, 40% of Americans thought that Dan Quayle was unqualified to be President, as taken from a NY Times poll from August 30th, 1988.

Although it is likely that Sarah Palin will continue to draw crowds of Republican admirers, she ultimately failed to prove that she was either presidential, or that she and McCain represent the kind of change that America wants.

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