Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

So, who won the debate tonight?!

Shucks... you know *I'm* a bit biased... but I'll defer to the pollsters on this one:

According to CBS News / Knowledge Networks' scientific snap poll of 500 undecided voters:

40% of uncommitted voters thought Barack Obama was the winner. 22% thought John McCain won. 38% saw it as a draw. 
Video coverage here!


CNN/Opinion Research telephone poll reported on air that 51 percent of viewers thought that Obama was the winner while 38 percent picked McCain. Men favored McCain, 46 percent to 43 percent, but women overwhelmingly chose Obama, 59 percent to 31 percent.

No links to this online yet, though...


Two focus groups, one by GOP pollster Frank Luntz and another by Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg, both declared Obama the winner. Independents in the MediaCurves focus group "gave the debate to Obama 61-39. They also think he won every individual segment. Republicans gave the debate to McCain 90-10, Democrats to Obama 93-7."


As for what the pundits say, I'm not so concerned... and I don't think anyone else should be either. 

The people can speak for themselves, and I really don't think that the McCain campaign is going to be able to make a strong argument from this debate that they can hammer home over the next few days, saying that Barack Obama is unfit to lead.

Indeed, Barack Obama was confident and presidential. Both candidates did pretty well, considering, but ultimately, one did better...  and McCain attempts to spin that any other way are going to run headlong into reality, like every other flailing attempt he's made lately to try and wiggle his way out from under the weight of Republican failures.

All the evidence suggests that Democrats are going to win this one...
... that there's more bad news coming for the McCain campaign...
... and that it's not gonna get prettier.

And, I say this not with cockiness, but with certainty... WE all have to do what we can between now and Election Day to not just beat McCain and the Republicans, but to humiliate them, repudiate them, to hang the doctrine of preemptive war, corporate greed, and government neglect around their necks, get their asses kicked out of office, and flip about a dozen formerly Republican states into the Blue column. 

We have to be merciless in this, motivated to work for victory, filled with both supreme confidence righteous rage... Because we're the ones writing the narrative here... and after eight years of the Bush administration, one thing is becoming clearer and clearer with each day...  

Ladies...  gents... it's payback time! 
TOTAL, HUMILIATING DEFEAT for the Republicans! Take no prisoners!

Now get to work!


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