Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Anti-Palin Protest in Alaska overwhelms size of pro-Palin sendoff!

A grassroots protest against Sarah Palin as VP, which was organized by a handful of local Anchorage women who met at a local cafe, has apparently become the largest political protest in Alaskan history. ( They've also come up with "Reckless / Inexperienced", which is probably the best political slogan in Alaska's history.)

The protest was attended by over 1500 Alaskans, and was considerably larger and more enthusiastic than a Palin sendoff rally nearby.


Apparently, the McCain campaign has been grossly overstating crowd estimates they've given reporters for their recent appearances, and, in one case, seem to have lied at least twice by suggesting that their crowd estimates were backed by the U.S. Secret Service and by a local fire marshall... both the Fire Marshall and the Secret Service strictly deny having given any crowd estimates to the McCain campaign.

The McCain Campaign estimated that the crowd above was approximately 1500 people...


Palin flew out to Reno shortly afterwards, where she once more said "thanks, but no thanks to that Bridge to Nowhere", after giving it a rest for a few embarrassing days.  Apparently, they're assuming that some Nevadans -- unlike pretty much everyone in Alaska -- don't actually know that they're being lied to...

So, any Republicans out there who can tell me how this kind of thing reflects on their personal standards for honor and morality?

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