Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

If Sarah Palin's speech sounded familiar...

It's because it was written by longtime Bush speechwriter, Matthew Scully.

Really, she did a fine job with it, for a former sportscaster almost couldn't see Karl Rove's hand up her backside!

That said, she promised nothing to the people of America other than drill, drill, drill and veto, veto, veto. Because, of course, we can drill our way out of oil dependency... and we need more partisan gridlock in order to address America's problems.

George W. Bush promised to reduce our dependence on Middle East oil 75% by 2025...
Barack Obama promises to end our Middle East oil dependence entirely by 2018...

And John McCain and Sarah Palin want to drill, drill, drill... but hey... no promises.

This is a solution?!


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