Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Sins of the father.

It must've been pretty infuriating for Doug McCain, John McCain's 21-year-old son, to find out that his dad was cheating again on his mother, who was seriously injured after a car accident.

It must've been even more infuriating to know, as a member of the Navy himself, that his dad was once more violating officer regulations regarding adultery, just as he had previously violated regulations regarding "fraternization" with subordinates. 

But what really must've pissed him off was to find out that dad was shacking up with a rich former cheerleader / beer heiress just 5 years older than he was!

Of course, John McCain was about 44 at the time... about the same age as Barack Obama when he became a U.S. Senator, after eight years in the Illinois State Senate. After teaching constitutional law. After working as a community organizer. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from the world's most prestigious law school.

Say what you like, but Barack Obama was a self-made man. John McCain was pretty much last in his class (894 out of 899), and only got where he was in the Navy because his dad *AND* his grandfather were four-star admirals.

I mean, seriously... it's not easy for most people to be a Navy flyer. A lot of good people bust their chops on carriers for years, working their way up to the flight deck, hoping to get that honor. So, when you're practically last in your class, somehow miraculously get to fly, and then get shot down four times... well, what sort of screwed up system puts you back in the air a fifth time?!  (No wonder McCain refuses to make his military records public!)

This is in no way implying any kind of disrespect for P.O.W.'s, but John McCain was one amongst many, many others who exhibited equal sacrifice... and, surprisingly enough, I don't see them using their former P.O.W. status to get special treatment, or to justify every bad decision they've ever made in life.

No wonder H. Ross Perot, a former IBM salesman turned entrepreneur turned self-made billionaire who once was the most outspoken advocate for P.O.W.'s... someone who once paid Mrs. McCain's bills and medical expenses when John was a P.O.W, now says that "John McCain is the classic opportunist. He’s always reaching for attention and glory." 

I'm sorry Republicans, but if you vote for this guy instead of the devoted Christian family man who worked himself up from nothing,  well... you never, ever get to lecture anyone about morality ever again, 'k?!


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