Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Texas billionare McCain helped make rich the sole backer of anti-Obama PAC.

Politico is reporting that the American Issues Project, which is paying millions for anti-Obama ads across the country, has only one Texas billionaire backer... Harold Simmons, an old friend of George Bush.

Simmons has a history of using his money to corrupt the political process, repeatedly violating election laws. In 1993, the Federal Election Commission fined him $19,800 for exceeding federal contributions limits... and Simmons admitted doing it again in 1997. Indeed, Rep Rep. Robert Talton claims that lobbyists for Simmons' company attempted to bribe him back in 1995.

So, why is Simmons supporting McCain? Well, it could be because John McCain voted for legislation that makes Harold Simmons a ton of money!

In 1998, George Bush greenlighted a nuclear dump site owned by Waste Control Specialists, a company primarily owned by Harold Simmons, a friend and longtime contributor to George Bush's campaigns...

Also in 1998, John McCain voted to support H.R. 629, the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact, which allowed the transportation of nuclear waste from New England to Simmons' Texas facility!

And while John McCain has no problem with transporting nuclear waste across about a dozen state lines to get to Texas, and supports dumps in Texas and Nevada, he opposes transporting nuclear waste across *HIS* state!

Someone should do and and air it in Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas, pointing out these facts. It could also help mobilize the Latino vote, because the Texas dump that McCain supports was placed in a heavily Latino area, in opposition to the wishes of the locals... and the Texas dump-- sited atop both an aquifer and an earthquake fault -- could potentially pollute the Rio Grande watershed!

Really, it makes me wonder whether John McCain's office was contacted by either George Bush or Harold Simmons' people prior to his vote. I sure hope somebody asks him, because Simmons isn't spending millions on advertising for no good reason. He sees it as a valuable business investment!

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