Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The return of Obama/Edwards?!

No, not John Edwards... Chet Edwards.

Apparently, Nancy Pelosi is aggressively supporting Chet Edwards, a Democratic Housemember who represents the highly conservative areas of Crawford and Waco, Texas, as a potential Vice President.

He communicates well and intelligently, with a real understanding of how to reach out to conservatives... and selecting a Vice Presidential candidate from Texas?! It would be bold... a dagger aimed straight at the heart of the Republican Party. 

My biggest concern would be the experience question -- would he exacerbate -- or fail to address -- a potential "experience gap"?  Edwards wouldn't bring any executive office experience to the ticket, but arguably Clinton/Gore wasn't the most experienced ticket either as far as that goes. Edwards has served 9 terms, both in the Texas legislature and in the House, so he's not exactly a political novice, even though he *could* claim to be an outsider of typical Washington politics.

Recently, a Rasmussen poll gave McCain an 8-point lead in Texas... but Chet Edwards entering the race could change that overnight, and put the most important "Republican" state in play.  It's a bit risky, but bold... and, I suspect, quite a winnable ticket under most circumstances.


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