Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The Spirit of Australia blows.

Ever since ditching their adorably whiny, snarky koala mascot, Qantas has had a strong, longstanding connection to the slogan "The Spirit of Australia". ..

So, it's understandable, perhaps that it might make someone a bit hesitant to fly Qantas when their plane, "Spirit of Australia" has about a 9' hole in its side, after having suffered explosive decompression for some unexplained reason.

You'd almost think that someone was trying to send a message, and that the airline -- or Australia itself -- was being targeted, wouldn't you?!

Now obviously, it's premature to say anything about what happened, other than the fact that Youtube has given us all unprecedented opportunity to see perhaps the happiest plane landing most of us will ever get the chance to see... with applause, even. 

But all I can say is that if I'm flying in a plane, I don't want it to be "The Spirit of America", or "California Spirit", or "American Pride" or anything of the sort. How about a nice, boring name that wouldn't attract anyone trying to make a political statement. 

My advice... name the planes like they were beloved household pets. Golden Retriever. Spot, etc... and if the terrorists want to blow up the planes, let 'em try. 

"Those bastards blew up Fluffy!"

Not only would the public get seriously pissed off at the terrorists, but the terrorists themselves would be mercilessly teased by all their friends on their choice of target. It's easy to brag about blowing up the World Trade Center, but if you blow up Flopsy or Muffin, you'll never hear the end of it.

Not the kind of publicity that the bad guys want, really. 

Meanwhile, I would just advise to Qantas... bring back the koala. Because given how scary explosive decompression and terrorist bombs can be, you'll want your passengers to be thinking of the cute more often.      

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