Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The latest from our "soon to get a 'Dear John' letter... if he's lucky" Dept.

I hate to break Haruhiko's heart, but it looks like our erstwhile former Senator from North Carolina may have a serious mistress / lovechild problem...

The story went straight from the National Enquirer to a Beverley Hilton hotel guard to Fox News... because, obviously, Fox would find it "newsworthy".  Anything to get Obama out of the spotlight, I guess. 

That said, as much as I dislike the source, I fully expect the allegation to be essentially correct. National Enquirer actually has a pretty good record when it comes to political affairs, and investigates with a bloodlust rarely seen in the mainstream media.  

Considering how desperate John McCain's campaign has been lately, obviously any bad news for any Democrat is Barack Obama's fault, and clearly reflects on his morality... whatever that means.  (Sure, it's a nebulous argument, but for people who like to be disagreeable just for the hell of it, it's clearly good enough.

Given that John Edwards' wife is currently fighting stage IV breast cancer, well... let's just say that John Edwards' timing just sucks. I mean, it's really low and disrespectful... almost like something John McCain would've done to one of his wives!

Obama/Edwards, 2008-2008. RIP.  


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