Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

LJ spam problem increasing.

I don't know how much the rest of you have noticed it, but I have seen a *HUGE* increase in comments, especially in many of my most widely read posts, that are clearly a form of spam.  To make matters worse, these spam comments are coming from "registered" users, such as

paulaqiguzzsuzannapivyx, etc. The goal seems to be to get Google to link from relatively well-indexed LJ users / posts to these phony accounts, which in term link to other sites.

The amount of spam comments I am getting on all my existing posts is starting to outstrip the comments I get on normal posts, but I absolutely don't want to close comments in my journal to registered users, restricting things to only those who are currently on my friends list. 

If I can't find a good solution -- or if LJ can't change its account creation or to solve this problem in a fairly rapid manner -- this might be the last straw, frankly. 

It's important to me to make sure that comments to my post are open to outside voices, especially those who can provide firsthand knowledge and information on the subject at hand. And while I pride myself in having a very knowledgeable friends list with lots of people who are in very interesting circumstances and who have very diverse interests, having to cut off comments to only those I already know is completely unacceptable.

Screw new features. Getting rid of this kind of crap should be priority #1 for LiveJournal, in order to make sure that the site still works as a community.  It would be too easy for LJ, through its inaction, to go the way of Usenet.       



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