Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Gore gives the nod.

Gore endorses Obama... in a fairly interesting way, I think. 

He sounds different... not wooden Gore, circa 2000... not "An Inconvenient Truth" Al... more forceful and strident than I have heard him in awhile, more populist, and a bit more folksy and Tennessean. For instance, he didn't say "continue"... he said "con-tin-yah". 

For someone who gives speeches on a regular basis, these sorts of changes aren't accidents. Gore still seems a bit rough still on his timing and accentuations, but it does show a bit of what he is trying to accomplish -- strengthening Barack Obama's appeal to white working class voters. 

It remains to be seen how well this will work, or where he could campaign successfully for Obama, but here are a few thoughts:

- In 2000, Al Gore won amongst voters sixty and older, 51% to 47%.
- He won amongst those who had no High School degree, 59% - 39%. 
- He won amongst voters who made under 50K, doing especially well amongst voters under $30K.
- He won amongst working women by 19 points.
- He won amongst families with union employees by 22%, and by union employees themselves by 28%.
- He won amongst both working class and upper class.
- He won by 18% for those who viewed Social Security as their major issue.

It might be worthwhile to get Gore out there, talking to seniors, working women, working class labor, those in Florida and Michigan, and in key Appalachian battleground states. It might be worthwhile to revisit the idea of a "rural poverty tour" for Obama and friends as well. Gore could help to bring Obama some of the supporters Hillary Clinton and John Edwards were successful at reaching out to, and could help develop the levels of support necessary to put several close states into play. He also has a very large maillist, which could be helpful as well.

Frankly, I think Obama should consider Gore for VP... it would send the McCain camp into conniptions, as there would be absolutely no way of questioning the ability of Gore to do the job, to question his loyalty, or even to do much against the subtext argument that Gore *deserves* to win. 

Could be inevitable, really...


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