Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Divided Republicans in disarray.

For a long time, I've told people supporting Clinton that they really didn't need to worry so much about Obama's electability, in that he would be a less divisive candidate that could unite a lot of constituencies.  Well, as the Obama / McCain matchup starts to finally come into focus without the Clinton factor, the latest polling is starting to suggest that's exactly what is occurring.

Today, TPM is saying:

"A new number from the latest Hotline/Diageo poll goes a long way toward dispelling the idea that Barack Obama is leading a seriously divided party. On the contrary, the poll suggests that it's John McCain who has a problem in this regard.

The poll, conducted in the wake of Obama's clinching the nomination and including sampling dates from before Hillary Clinton's final concession, found that 68% of Democratic primary voters were satisfied with Obama as the nominee . . .  By contrast, only 52% of Republican primary voters were satisfied with John McCain as their nominee, with 45% preferring someone else. And this is despite the fact that McCain sewed up his nomination months ago, while Democratic emotions were still raw when this poll was conducted." 

So, yeah... the Democrats are coming together nicely *AND* the Republican base is still far too religious for McCain, and won't exactly be motivated to vote for him.  As a result, he's probably going to have to accept a more conservative VP candidate to unite his party, which is likely to turn off centrists.

Either way, the Republicans are in real trouble this time around. 

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