Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Yes they can?!

The Obama campaign is announcing a "big national endorsement" tonight at a 7pm rally in Michigan... and rumors are flying that its none other than John Edwards.  

***Update: Rumors confirmed. Endorsement imminent!***

Pretty impressive, if that's the case... especially considering that he said that he wouldn't be endorsing anyone anytime soon.

Hillary won in W. Virginia yesterday, which would ordinarily be worth reporting, if it mattered at all... but the only significance of it that I can see is that Obama is about 8 delegates closer to victory today because of it than he otherwise would be.  Even in the aftermath of a strong Hillary victory, Obama gained another four superdelegates today, plus a major endorsement by NARAL, plus this major national endorsement tonight... which presumably comes with a superdelegate vote to boot.

Maybe it's just me, but somewhere along the line, Senator Clinton's campaign seems to have stopped functioning as an actual candidacy, sharing the same party and most of the same issues as Senator Obama's... and now it increasingly serves as a badge of pain, pride, entitlement, and self-victimization, frozen in time like a confederate flag on the back of a busted up pick-up truck.

Meanwhile, for people like me who strongly supported Gore, or others who favored Edwards, Kucinich, etc., well... we've already moved on long ago, to the point that most of us are pretty content with things as they stand. Perhaps Hillary's diehards will decide they don't want to buy into the whole self-victimization thing, because there is, in fact, life after the Democratic primaries, even if your candidate loses.

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