Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Ron Paul refuses McCain endorsement, gives Obama a non-endorsement endorsement?!

Today on CNN's "The Situation Room" , Rep. Ron Paul indicated that he is staying in the race for as long as his supporters are interested, and he could not see himself endorsing McCain due to his support of the war in Iraq. Full video available here.

Rep. Paul cited McCain's foreign policy as the primary reason why he opposes him, and, when asked which of the candidates he thought would be best on foriegn policy, he favored Obama as "the one who would most likely keep us from expanding the war", indicating that "he would be slightly better on foriegn policy."

When asked about why he wasn't endorsing McCain, Rep. Paul responded, 

"I also believe in unity in the Republican Party, but unity is secondary to what we believe in. If we unify on something that is non-Republican, it doesn't have a whole lot of meaning, and that's what I'm afraid the Republicans are drifting into. They're begging and pleading for unity, but we've gotta know what we believe in, and I think that's what our problem is today."  

This could be a very interesting development.  Could we possibly imagine Ron Paul endorsing Barack Obama... or possibly being invited to speak at the Democratic National Convention?!


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