Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

My week on fast forward - the good bits

Celebrating Iceblink's birthday in the best place to celebrate anyone's birthday... their bed! Our Neko cat is so genuinely concerned about Iceblink not feeling upset. If Iceblink is moaning in pain or raises her voice, Neko comes over and asks "Are you ok?" The problem is, she does the same thing when Icy is moaning and screaming for other reasons too. Neko was very concerned that particular night.

Watching a little kid look on with envy as I ate my sticky rice with coconut ice cream. Warm and cool, sweet and salty and sticky and creamy, with a cherry on top... a truly sensual dessert.

Children can be very endearing, especially when you have something they want. I would have shared, but the kid's mother said that she'd get them something later at home. "Why wait?" I say. If only more adults were so prone to look on with puppy dog eyes, mouth gaping, silently saying "give me that" rather than playing the victim instead. There's something pure and beautiful about the hunger for immediate gratification that you just have to adore, as it is when people are the most in the moment. As much as I appreciate the value of sacrifice, all good sacrifices should be served with heaping dollops of immediate gratification.

Running off to Bondage a Go-Go to get in a bit of dancing and shake off the vanilla of the Silicon Valley. Drinks, making out, watching the dancers... braids, ponyfalls, and hair generally flying about. Is there any Asian woman who doesn't look smashing in an aviator's cap?! (You know you want one...) Getting sketched by a street artist and having beggars read you poetry. Yes, they're still pushy and annoying, but at least they're surprisingly artistic.

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