Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Well, that didn't take long.

So, yesterday I said in my comments on my last Iraq post :

"All this begs the question...

Right now, the US military is talking "Iraqi forces are in charge, fighting these battles, etc."

So, what happens if said forces start looking like Mussolini trying to invade Greece? Do US tanks start rolling in, under any circumstances?"

And this morning, the Washington Post announced that U.S. troops with armored vehicles are now taking the lead in fighting inside Basra.  

After five years, even the best units of the Iraqi Army, trained by the world's best soldiers and handpicked by their PM for the assault on Basra, still can't fight their countrymen.

I guess they'd recruit the most motivated Iraqis into the army... if only they weren't fighting for the other side.

Seems to me that the best strategy for the Mahdi Army when faced down by U.S. armored forces is to vanish back into the woodworks, while fomenting dissent elsewhere in the country or waiting for the US troops to leave, so that they can target the less motivated and experienced Iraqi troops instead.  

It's one thing for the Americans to lead an assault into Basra, but it's an entirely different thing for them to try to keep the peace there. The British certainly didn't have much luck at it.

*** Update: Iraqi PM Maliki blinks?!  Extends deadline for militants to turn over their weapons from Friday to about two weeks from now... offers money. (Maybe he should just say pretty please.) ***

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