Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Death of the Do-over, Part Deux.

No Michigan Primary either, it seems. 

Senior Hillary adviser Harold Ickes claims that the Obama campaign is trying to prevent a revote, but Michigan's former governor, a Hillary supporter, says that a revote probably wouldn't make much of a difference anyway, as the delegates would be split very evenly in that state.

Given that Hillary's supporters were saying that they needed Florida and Michigan to come into the convention only slightly behind, but with clear momentum enough to sway superdelegates to their side to possibly win, well...

As an interesting side note, Hillary supporter Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania tried to hit George Soros up for the money for a Michigan do-over.

His reply?

"George Soros does not support holding another primary in Michigan because he believes doing so will further delay the selection of a Democratic candidate in November." 

I could've told 'em that. They're barkin' up the wrong billionaire. Besides, Soros is one of the few decent billionaires out there, as witnessed by the causes he supports


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