Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Obama blowout in Mississippi.

With 99% reporting, it's...

Barack Obama 61%
Hillary Clinton 37%

CNN is showing about a six delegate pick-up for Obama so far, but that number could go up further... which would translate into a delegate pick-up for Obama equal to or perhaps even greater than Hillary Clinton's pick-up in Ohio.

This is an especially strong Obama performance, considering the degree to which Limbaugh's supporters in a very Republican state apparently tried to swing this contest.

As CNN reports from their exit polls:
"Thirteen percent of the voters in today's Democratic primary identified themselves as Republican; they voted for Clinton, 78 percent to 22 percent."

Given that Barack Obama traditionally has garnered about 60% of the Republican vote in contests prior to Limbaugh's interference in the Democratic primaries, this means that approximately 8% of the total vote in this race may be reasonably attributed to the "Limbaugh effect". That's about 25% of all Hillary Clinton's white supporters.

This claim is also backed up by CNN's various exit poll results:
- 70% of voters who viewed John McCain in a strongly favorable way voted for Hillary Clinton.
- 57% of voters who viewed McCain favorably voted for Hillary Clinton.
- The only sections of Mississippi that favored Hillary Clinton were in disproportionately Republican, predominantly white counties.
- The 7% of voters dissatisfied with both Democratic candidates voted for Hillary by a 75% margin.

In short, it appears that without Limbaugh's help, Hillary would've lost the race by something more like a 66%-33% margin. Rush probably cost Obama a delegate or two, but Obama *still* won decisively.

Fortunately, the fatboy won't have an easy time manipulating the outcome in Pennsylvania...


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