Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


Barack Obama had what will probably be his final debate tonight with Hillary Clinton, and wow... it was a good showing for him. Easily his best debate performance yet, with strong, positive answers, and a real sense of leadership and the ability to unify the Democrats.  

Hillary Clinton was quite good, but Obama was absolutely at the top of his game. MSNBC is having a poll as to who won, and the results right now are 65% Obama, 23% Hillary... what's especially interesting is that amongst those who aren't decided, the voters who saw the debate are leaning to Obama by nearly a 4-1 margin! 

It's great seeing how much Obama has grown as a candidate throughout this whole campaign, and humbling that he has dealt with a bucketful of ugly, while still coming out largely untouched and all the stronger for it. He even dealt with a surprise bit of drama regarding Lewis Farrakhan -- the first time a major news organization has really put him on the spot about it -- and he responded in a way that knocked the ball out of the park.  

Really, he should thank that walking egotrip Tim Russert for bringing it up, because he's practically immunized himself on that issue, even from the Republicans! 

This was probably his last big chance to lose this election, and he was at his best. 

Again, whew... a few more days until the votes come in for Texas and Ohio. A bit more work to be done for me, but almost time to relax!

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