Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

An entry in the "good news" department...


From this yesterday...:

2008-02-24 05:59 am UTC (link)

i am legally disabled because of a seizure-disorder (from a brain-injury) and my income recently went from 800 a month, to about 700 because i have to now pay 96 a month for Medicaire...

and when i went to pick up my medicine last month, instead of the usual 3 bucks, it cost me 30 dollars.... so guess what? i couldn't afford to buy a refill on my seizure meds this month.

30 dollars is what i spend per week on groceries.

let's just say i am afraid.

------------------------------------- this today:

everything is so incredibly meaningful to me today...

thanks to one "stranger" (although let us hope i shan't be able to call him that for long) who had suddenly decided to help me out (big) and to all of his friends who hit that damn little 2-buck button a good 30+ times, i am going to be IN THE BLACK in a couple days with*out* having to mail the bank the 20 that i have here on hand, and won't need to grub a single *penny* of food money from anyone this week...

LJ *is* a global village.

its near-anarchy. its blessed. and *we're* blessed to be able to be here and a part of this "community"...

and to all my friends, new and old, know that i am here to be of service to you.. let's hope for long-friendships :-)


She's right you know... We're all blessed with each other's presence.  

(Whether we want it or not!)

My thanks to all those who contributed, both here, in the journals of those of you who crossposted the original request for donations, and in the most excellent payingitforward community!

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