Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Ralph Nader announces his candidacy... and promptly censors his forums.

I posted the following comment to Ralph Nader's forums in response, which was promptly censored.

Dear Ralph,
I'm a pro-Green Party California voter who supported you in 2000 and in 2004, although I advocated that those who were in closely contested states should support the Democratic candidate.

(I was very much aware that there was a clear difference between Al Gore / John Kerry and George W. Bush, even if you didn't want to acknowledge that fact yourself.)

But this time around, I have to admit, I'm going to very proudly support Barack Obama for president, even as I vote to support Green candidates at the local level. 

While I think that you could perhaps have some positive impact in the dialogue of this race, I find the way you conduct your campaign to be fundamentally at odds with bringing about the kind of policies we'd all like to see.

It's clear enough -- for some admittedly improper, two-party biased structural reasons -- that you won't win the upcoming race. In fact, it is entirely likely that you will find yourself shut out of the debates.  So, before you are silenced, what are you going to do to advance the causes you support, other than simply compete primarily for the voters that Barack Obama is going to need to beat "less jobs and 100 years of war" McCain?

Are you willing to withdraw from the race and endorse Barack Obama if he is willing to compromise and adopt *some* of your policies? Are you willing to give him *AND* the public a clear, public list of several useful policies you'd like him to adopt -- there are many that would be beneficial -- and agree to drop from the race if he accepts a couple of them?

No offense, Ralph, but I would be willing to trade your entire political campaign for the promise of a single government policy change that would put people first and help save the lives of just a few dozen Americans a year.

How about you, Ralph? Where do your priorities stand?! Are you just there to fill in the suit of a Green Party ticket, or are you going to actually bring about *some* kind of meaningful change this year?

Can you make a list of, say, twenty specific policies you'd like Obama to adopt, and allow them to select a few in order to get you to drop out and/or endorse? Or is he simply supposed to adopt your entire campaign platform? What assurances do we have, as voters, that you would even consider dropping out under *any* circumstance? Heaven knows, you haven't before, even when *begged* to do so by Michael Moore.

Frankly, you aren't being clear with the voters like me who would be more than happy to support you, if only you used your position to help bring about meaningful change, Ralph. You're not going to win the election, so how are you going to use my support to bring about some good policies? Find a truely convincing, compelling answer to that, and then we'll talk.

Politics isn't about demogogueing on a platform. It's about reaching important compromises to advance the general welfare. This is *ESPECIALLY* important for third parties, as I know full well with my experience with the Liberal Democrats in the UK. A very significant minority support them and help grow and expand the reach of their party, because they are capable of compromising and getting results. What are you capable of, Ralph?! Frankly, I think you are capable of more than you have given us so far, if only you were willing to actually sacrifice in order to get it.

 If your campaign this year doesn't enter into this race with a spirit of compromise, where the Green Party is committed to empowering its voters to get *some* meaningful change enacted... well, what good are you, other than just another vote for failure?

So, I started taking screenshots... 


And I posted more comments and took more screenshots...


And more... and more still...


Until it became pretty damn humorous, really.
That (4P) refers to my reputation on the board. People mod it up for the few seconds that the post is visible.

If you think that's amusing, wait until you see how it goes up after this post! 


Perhaps Ralph Nader would like to make a public statement about this kind of behavior?

If he wants to run again, he *REALLY* needs to put up or shut up.

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