Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

An LJer in need of a bit of help.

So, I was reading my comments this morning about my most recent post on the whole healthcare debate, and I noticed this...

2008-02-24 05:59 am UTC (link)

i am legally disabled because of a seizure-disorder (from a brain-injury) and my income recently went from 800 a month, to about 700 because i have to now pay 96 a month for Medicaire...

and when i went to pick up my medicine last month, instead of the usual 3 bucks, it cost me 30 dollars.... so guess what? i couldn't afford to buy a refill on my seizure meds this month.

30 dollars is what i spend per week on groceries.

let's just say i am afraid.

Who wouldn't be?!  I hear these kinds of stories a lot lately, all too often from my close friends. Given the kinds of "depressing shit" / unfortunate reality that I tend to post about, and the people that I oftentimes take an interest in because they're deep in that aforementioned "depressing shit", well... this isn't the first time this has happened, and won't be the last.

So, I read through qilora's journal to find out a bit more, and well... her story certainly checks out... she's a longtime user of LJ, has established friends who know of her difficulties and also try helping out too, etc.

She also had this up on her journal in a recent entry to her friends:


(to donate $2 to "Juju's Empty-Belly Fund", via PayPal)

I gave the button several $2 clicks -- enough for a good meal -- and encourage the rest of you out there to give it a click too, if only to help make someone else's day.

One of the constants in life is that when times are difficult, it always seems like we're going to have to face cold reality by ourselves. And sure, that's true on some level... nobody else is all that keen to take up your burden and suffer in your place. And yet, it's not true, too. Other people are there, do care, and are effected by the pain of others. 

Other people's hardships do have an effect on the rest of us... and, as I will write about soon, that's not a weakness. Rather, it's a distinct part of what makes us evolved humans. 


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