Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

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Grr ticketmaster

You built the stupid site... now take my damn money! Here! I'm waving my credit card right in front of you, so take my damn money and get me the tickets. I don't care about your server issues, I just want the tickets, thank you. Give them to me, you cheap bastards. So cheap, apparently, that you can't afford to keep your site working... or take my money. You'd make lousy whores... just take your damn money and overpriced service charges, you rat bastards! What more do you want?! Want me to bend over? F*ck me harder, take the money, and give me the tickets. I don't care about your problem today... you had the same problem yesterday on a different computer. It's you, not me. What's worse, you bastards have a monopoly on this and I can't get the tickets from Who the hell gave you idiots a monopoly anyways? sucks too, but their site works. Make your stinkin' site work, for chrissakes! Suck, suck, suck!

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