Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

British "three strikes" internet download policy being rammed through?

Hot on the heels of my previous post on the subject, the British government has announced that if ISPs don't voluntarily agree to permanently ban the internet access of repeat "unauthorized" downloaders by April 2009, they will impose legislation to force them to do so.

The government has released a strategy paper to address the problem of illegal file sharing after the two sides failed to come to a voluntary agreement over how best to tackle the issue.  The paper said the government would still prefer a voluntary solution, but said it would start consulting on possible legislation later this year.

Hey Brits... it's time to start setting up anti-"three strikes" websites, informational campaigns... time to start writing letters, sending emails, calling your ISPs, and contacting your MPs.... or you're going to have these policies voluntarily adopted before you even know what happened to your rights. 

Trust me... you *WANT* your ISPs to stand up for you, and you *WANT* the government to have to do public legislation that can be either fought or, at minimum, modified to include proper protections to watch out for YOUR rights, and not just the rights of tax-evading musical multinationals like U2, who proudly support your media censorship.   



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