Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The Clinton name ain't worth what it used to be.

A new article in the Financial Times mentioned these embarrassing details on the fundraisers that have kept Hillary Clinton off the campaign trail :

"Mrs Clinton has set up two fundraising events in Washington on Monday, one for small donors at George Washington University and another at her private home for wealthier donors. But fundraisers say these traditional events are suffering steeply diminishing returns.

"The George Washington event started at $500 a head, then it went down to $250 and it has now come all the way down to $25," said one fundraiser, who is close to the Clintons."

I'm sorry, voters in Texas and Ohio... Mrs. Clinton doesn't have time to talk to you today. She's too busy serving rubber chicken to beltway boys and girls for $25 a plate. 

...gotta hustle to pay back Bill's five mil before it's too late, or he's gonna be pissed!

Meanwhile, it looks like the Democratic establishment is going to try to bargain with her to drop out of the race, fasttracking her for the job of Senate majority leader in 2009.  This, incidentally, is the same deal that Reid offered her in 2006 when they thought -- rightly -- that she was unelectable.

All I can say is "Noooo!"  If anyone could bollux up a bipartisan quorum in the Senate, capable of actually passing meaningful legislation, well... no. Please. Just no.  It would be like naming David Duke as Ambassador to Israel.  

Perhaps there would be advantages to having Hillary Clinton as the VP after all. She could be Quayled for the next eight years, I guess.


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