Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

We're in the money.

Mark Ambinder of the Atlantic just reported something I had posted about previously... his sources indicate that Barack Obama is on track to raise over $50M for February. In fact, Republican political strategist Patrick Ruffini said exactly what I said yesterday... that Obama's on track for $60 million in February.

That, plus a million Obama contributors, will be crushing, demoralizing news for the Clinton camp to face right before the Texas and Ohio elections.  But really, that is probably what is needed. A quick victory, followed by concilliatory gestures and party unity, so that we can take down John "less jobs and more wars" McCain, and see what we can do to address the needs of the public again.  

And speaking of one million Obama contributors... we're still looking for 38,615 more to join up. A double latte and a croissant? Coffee and a bearclaw?! Anything counts, really. 

It sure is a lot cheaper than the $7,500 plus interest you owe the government for Iraq!

 *** UPDATE ***
I got an email back from reporter Marc Ambinder of the Atlantic to an email I sent him, letting him know that I had also crunched the numbers and gotten an estimated figure in excess of $60M for Obama's February fundraising. 

His reply?: 
"I was being cautious... I agree ... The real number will be north of 60..."


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