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Raison d'Etre

I checked out the shows coming in the next few months today. Obviously, there are still many shows to be listed, but already, things look really interesting...

5/27 & 5/28 - Kristin Hersh @ Noe Valley Ministry
6/9 Mogwai / Bardo Pond @ The Fillmore
6/15 Blake Babies @ Great American Music Hall
6/23 Tom Jones @ Montalvo Fox Theatre
6/27 Radiohead @ Shoreline
7/7 Nina Simone @ Mountain Winery
7/9 & 7/10 Air @ The Warfield
7/11 Nina Simone (Yes, more, please!) @ Paramount Theatre
7/17 Sade @ Shoreline
7/31 "Area: One Festival" w- Moby, New Order, Outkast,Paul Oakenfold, Rinocerose, The Orb, The Roots @ Shoreline
8/5 Roxy Music @ Chronicle Pavillion

After that, there's Burning Man in late Aug./Early September, with Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds sometime around mid September.

I was excited about seeing Roxy Music, but to actually see Nina Simone live?!?! I just want to grab people on my friends list and shake them repeatedly until they buy tickets! One of my biggest regrets in life are the musicians that I never saw while I had the chance. It's been years, but I'm still kicking myself for not seeing Cab Calloway. Don't have regrets... make the pilgrimage to Nina. Check out her tour schedule... Paris, Washington D.C., N.Y.C., Portland, the Bay Area, L.A, Chicago, Seattle, and then off to the U.K.!

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