Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

CNN calls it!

The polls have just closed in Virginia, and CNN is already calling the state for  Barack Obama.

With 99% reporting: 

64% Barack Obama
35% Hillary Clinton

 Ouuuuch! Given that there are 83 delegates tied to the voters in this race, that means a positive shift of about 20+ delegates to Obama, plus a handful of likely superdelegates. That's a big deal... by itself, Virginia should be a big enough victory to cancel out about a 7-8% win for Hillary in Texas, for example. As for Ohio, I don't think anyone can reasonably assume that state is anything more than a tie or very slight victory for the Clinton campaign as of now.

... and you could almost hear the sound of five million disillusioned Hillary Clinton supporters burying their heads in the sand, as she pursues a political strategy that worked *so well* for Rudy Giuliani.

Ignore the voters of America's heartland, Hillary. Ignore all those Red states in the South. Ignore Maine. Ignore the voters of the Chesapeake states... and ignore Wisconsin as well while you're at it, as you try to run away from the stink of defeats as far as you can go, until you hit the Rio Grande... quietly belittling your supporters in the states you just lost, as you try to write off your defeats as unfortunate demographics or campaign strategy, blaming your losses on some sort of vast leftwing conspiracy.

Keep blaming your failures on the voters, Hillary. Maybe they'll just go away.  
(Not your failures... the voters.)

***UPDATE ***
According to CNN exit polls, Barack Obama has captured the latino vote in Virginia,  55% to 45%!
¡, Se Puede! 

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