Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Obama takes Maine!

CNN has called it for him, with 99% of the precincts reporting...
Obama 59% 
Clinton 40%

15 delegates for Obama
9 delegates for Clinton

Frankly, I was expecting him to lose Maine by a few percent, but if this keeps up, it is *extremely* promising, in that there's no way he would've been expected to do so well there just a few weeks ago.  If he pulls this off, it sort of puts his narrow loss in New Hampshire to rest. He *does* sell in New England, and apparently can win over older women voters too.

 It also tends to indicate that people are starting to see him as increasingly likely to win the nomination.

... and everyone likes a winner, except for diehard Hillary supporters.

What I found amusing was watching a bit of Hillary Clinton's speech in Virginia while all this is going on.  She's starting to add the words "we can" to her lexicon.  (Guess nobody's buying cynicism anymore, eh?!)

I think I'll have to start antagonizing her supporters by calling her the "yes, we" clone...


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